Our investment in ProHabits

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if your team was reminded of your company culture goals every day? Wouldn’t it be outstanding if they were regularly refreshed on your mission, your aspirations, your commitments to values? How incredible would it be if after your big presentation or mind-blowing guest speaker, that your team actually retained the key points made during the event? And how much more productive do you think your company would be if your people were trained just a little bit more, a little bit better, every single day?

If you’re like me, the prospect of a “yes” answer to any of these questions is both exhilarating and daunting. These are things we all want—badly—but require so much effort and so much dedication day in day out. On top of everything else required of us, it’s difficult to prioritize these efforts because the desired long-term gains don’t obviously outweigh the short-term trade-offs.

We invested in ProHabits to help solve this issue…and it’s a massive one. Every single company I’ve ever been a part of, big or small, is failing to realize the potential of its incredible people because it hasn’t put in place the best resources and mechanisms.

ProHabits has built a system backed by years of research by its brilliant founder Adam Fridman and colleagues that utilizes daily MicroActions requested of participants to reinforce initiatives like a new CEO’s diversity mandate, or a sales team leader’s new approach to selling, or a guest speaker’s method of servant leadership, etc. Each day, participants in those initiatives are asked to complete an incredibly simple task that serves to help keep them aligned with their team’s or company’s goals. Build it once and enjoy the results into perpetuity. Automatically.

We couldn’t be more excited for the world with ProHabits in it. Along with dozens of major clients like PPG, TekSystem, Grinnell College, and Zurich, we believe ProHabits will enable a step change in professional human potential.

ProHabits has generously created a special offer for friends of Motivate. Feel free to mention that when you reach to them at www.prohabits.com