Our Background

We have been successfully building and investing in startups since 2003. We live and breathe startups and nothing gets us more excited than working with exceptional people to build tomorrow's greatest companies.

Our Approach

MVC invests in incredible founders with strong domain knowledge building new companies with very high growth potential in large and growing markets.

Meet the Team


David Wieland

Founder & Managing Partner

Two years out of college, David founded and ran InnFlux, one of the largest and most profitable hotel WiFi and telecom companies before successfully exiting in 2011. in 2006, he launched media Private Equity firm iEstates, which builds new and buys existing digital media businesses. He later seeded and eventually operated one of the largest and most profitable video hiring platforms, RIVS, before successfully exiting in 2019.

In 2012, David co-founded IrishAngels, a Notre Dame affiliated angel investor group that now deploys more than $10mm per year into early-stage companies. David serves as Chairman of IrishAngels and Mentor at startup accelerator Techstars.

David earned a BA in Government and Philosophy from Notre Dame, earned an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business, and studied Venture Capital and Private Equity through Harvard’s Executive Education program.


Lauren Deluca

Founder & Managing Partner

Lauren co-founded and served as Managing Partner of Oxford Intelligence Partners, a FinTech company serving Fortune 500 Investor Relations Officers until its 2015 sale to Q4, a Toronto-based strategic acquirer. Lauren was also a founding partner of Victory Networks, a low-latency trading infrastructure provider which sold to QuantHouse in 2017.  Additionally, Lauren founded two proprietary trading firms, Sumo Capital and Budo Holdings, before successfully exiting in 2017, and served as RIVS Director from founding through exit.

Lauren has been an active early-stage investor since 2012, both as an individual and as a member of IrishAngels and serves as a mentor at startup accelerators 43North and Founders Institute.

Lauren earned his BA from Notre Dame and his MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business.

Next Steps...

If you're a founder interested in learning more about working with MVC, please reach out.