Announcing Motivate Seed Fund II

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our sophomore venture fund, an $81M vehicle to support aspiring founders as they build the next generation of era-defining companies. See the full press release here.

As with Motivate’s Fund I, our Fund II invests in promising North American technology companies at the pre-seed or seed stage.

While we’re just now announcing Fund II, we’ve already been hard at work quietly building and investing in many amazing companies, including:

Lazarus AI: a global leader in document understanding
Reloshare: the OS for social service agencies
Valiot: factory optimization software for bottling, steel, auto, and chemical manufacturing leveraging connected vehicle data for transportation safety and fleet efficiency
Fin3: digital check solutions for consumers, enterprises, and financial institutions
Jawnt: platform that unifies the world’s transit systems for companies and employees
Finofo: eliminating forex risk for export organizations
MarkIII: principal insurance for banks and credit unions
Inca Digital: financial market surveillance software for regulators, exchanges and investors

Check out our entire portfolio here for more details.

To our founders – present and future – we truly feel humbled and fortunate to be able to partner with such an exceptional group of trailblazers. We look forward to tackling future opportunities and challenges with you.

Finally, we’d like to offer a heartfelt “thank you” to our tremendous LPs, so many of whom have been with us since the very beginning. We couldn’t do this without you and take seriously the trust you have placed in us.

With gratitude,
David, Lauren, Courtney, Bonnie, and Jackson