Enables businesses to easily build their own metaverses


Founded 2016
Invested in 2020


Enklu is an end-to-end platform for AR content creation, collaboration, and management. The platform requires no-to-minimal coding skills and is both web and mobile based, which makes it both simple and efficient to use. A helpful comparison is found in graphic design. Enklu is the Canva of AR, offering an intuitive, dynamic, collaborative design experience, while existing solutions for AR content development are more akin to Photoshop, a robust but narrow tool for photo editing.

Enklu enables simple and efficient AR content creation for customers across manufacturing, media, entertainment, education, and technology. Examples of how customers use AR content created with Enklu include employee training, education materials, product marketing, immersive art experiences, and supply chain enhancement. The company also provides the VR hardware, most often the Microsoft HoloLens, required to engage with the content created in Enklu.

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