Catholic meditation and guided prayer app


Founded 2018
Invested in 2019



The Hallow app is a Catholic prayer and meditation app. The app offers over 10,000 audio-guided sessions on topics such as: Contemplative prayer, Meditation, Catholic Holy Bible readings, Music, Sleep.

The app is entirely audio in format. Users can choose how long they'd like to pray, and then press play to start an audio-guided meditative prayer session. The app also provides prompts for a particular prayer technique, and leaves plenty of room for silence.

Hallow was founded in December 2018 by Alex Jones, Erich Kerekes, and Alessandro DiSanto. Jones, who grew up as a Catholic, lost his faith as a teenager. With the use of meditation, Jones chose to revert to Catholicism and made the decision to create a platform to assist others in a similar situation.

The app is available for free on Amazon. New users can sign up with email, create an account, and then tap ""Start Three Months Free"".

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