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Founded 2020
Invested in 2021


HELIXintel is at the forefront of transforming the building management space by offering a comprehensive platform to source and organize property data across all stakeholders, tying in building assets, insurance data, OEM and service provider networks, and utilities.

Today, property managers, vendors, insurers, and energy companies face fragmented data collection, reliance on multiple software platforms, and limited communication channels. This leads to data gaps, heightened property risk, increased equipment breakdown, unexpected downtime, and poor energy performance. With HELIXIntel, asset owners can unlock hidden value within their properties and assets by integrating vital equipment data onto a single platform.

Founder Jon DeWald and team are empowering property owners, contractors, OEMs, insurers, and energy companies with excellent transparency and value, with tools for insurers to better manage risk, property managers to manage their assets across their building portfolio, energy companies to deliver incentives that improve energy and resource efficiency, and vendors to deliver better service quality.

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