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Overview is revolutionizing the Property Tech industry with computer vision and machine learning technologies to save millions per year by automating remote property assessments.

There are 155 million buildings in the U.S. that all need to be inspected or assessed when they are sold, refinanced, damaged, remodeled, or repaired. Each time, banks or insurers must send out a contractor or assessor to evaluate the structure, collect all the detailed measurements, itemize all the materials, and document any damage or risks, a costly and time consuming, but necessary, step. Data is captured manually, and mistakes are inevitable. These in-person property assessments delay billions of dollars of work in the built-environment economy each year. Waiting for in-person assessments delay insurance quotes, delay new mortgages and refinancing, and delay home improvement projects.

With, every industry that needs fast and accurate data about the built environment will be accelerated. With A.I.-powered room assessments, companies can get all necessary information from just a few photos uploaded by the homeowner or property manager. Rachelle Villalon and Henriette Fleischmann, and team are using computer vision to rapidly accelerate the insurance, mortgage lending, and home improvement industries.

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