Crypto and Financial Market Visibility and Advance Threat Detection


Founded 2018
Invested in 2023


Digital asset markets hold amazing promise, but also contend with money laundering, market manipulation, and state actors that may pose risks to U.S. national security. And Crypto is no longer a vertical that stands on its own. Digital assets rely on banking and the internet — foundational systems that are intimately important to everyday life. So it is imperative to control the potential contagion risk that crypto digital assets carry. Enter Inca Digital.

Inca Digital exists to support industry and government in maintaining safe and secure financial markets, offering better tools to understand how digital assets operate and how regulators can leverage their jurisdictional authority over digital asset markets globally.

With a deep background in Intelligence and Capital Markets, the Inca team helps governments, exchanges, regulators, and market partcipants understands the intricacies, relationships, and interactions between the multitude of players, entities, and geographies involved in the digital asset markets. Inca tracks, reports and contains instances where blockchain-based technologies are linked to money laundering, terrorist financing, and sanctions evasions across systems (e.g., fiat-to-exchange, exchange-to-blockchain, and cross-blockchain transactions).

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