AI models which can understand and extract data from any media without prior training


Founded 2017
Invested in 2023


Lazarus provides Enterprise-grade ML solutions for document understanding and data activation. RikAI is Lazarus' large language model for extracting data from any document - without training and regardless of type, format, or language. It is a general data extraction API that makes cluttered, unstructured PDFs as usable as any JSON.

RikAI can contextualize information, analyze layouts, and find answers to natural language questions across any number of documents of any length. Recognizing both handwritten and typed text, it extracts important data and requires very little human intervention, if any.

Founders Ariel Elizarov and Anish Patel help global insurers, healthcare organizations, BPO providers and governments streamline data intake and transfer processes associated with various types of documents, such as claims forms, new patient intake, adjuster reports, lab results, Attending Physician Statements (APS), medical records, Prior Authorization Forms, receipts, etc.

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