Real-time data loss protection across enterprise tools


Founded 2020
Invested in 2020


Text and data generated by AI models lack a predefined structure, making it difficult to identify sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), or intellectual property (IP).

Companies are using Polymer's human-centric data loss prevention (DLP) to reduce the risk of data exposure in their AI tools and Enterprise SaaS apps.

Data loss occurs in any number of ways, such as: data exfiltration via conversational AI bots, IP theft, unauthorized sharing of customer or patient data, copyright infringement, and unauthorized integration with external services. Polymer is at the forefront of cloud data governance for GenAI, providing the necessary monitoring and oversight of sensitive enterprise and personal data, ensuring HIPAA, CMMC 2.0, ISO 27001-2, GLBA, and GDPR compliance.

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